Termination of Pay XPress

Dear PAY XPress Merchants,

With reference to the July announcement of Omise acquisition of Paysbuy, we would like to inform you the termination of PAY XPress service, which will be available until 31 October, 2017, at 3:00 pm.

For your convenience, we recommend you withdraw any outstanding balance from Paysbuy account within 19 January, 2018. After that, your account will be permanently unavailable and inaccessible.

Please note that for any withdrawal made from 1 December, 2017, Paysbuy will extend processing period from 3 business days to 10 business days.

For inquiries regarding PAY XPress termination, please contact +662-202-8222 available 24 hours daily or email support@paysbuy.com

If you wish to continue accepting payments via mPOS, we would like to introduce Thanachart Bank services, which support mPos model FPAC1 (Audio Jack Reader). This model can be identified by the Serial Number, on the sticker attached on the box or mPos device, starting with D416090000XXX.

For more information please visit here or contact Thanachart Bank at  662-208-5000 ext. 4135, 4137, 6146 during office hours.

Best Regards,